The promise that we make you is the ability to turn “good” into “great”.

Jamie Gilleland
President and Founder

Jamie brings a mastery of Infusionsoft, expertise building online marketing solutions, years of sales expertise and three decades of software and IT development to our clients. Oh, yeah, somewhere, she’s got a B.A. in Information Technology and a Masters in Marketing. As a result of her sales and marketing expertise, she’s able to use traditional and “outside of the box” solutions to create the results that MiSyte clients are looking for. More importantly, she understands how to effectively teach these solutions to her clients to help them achieve the goals they have set.


Jamie got her start in sales three decades ago and has never looked back. She was inspired to create MiSyte over twelve years ago due to her own frustrations at getting contractors to get the programming work she needed done, and she reasoned (correctly) if she was experiencing these problems, then other entrepreneurs must be, too.


And she was right!


Back in those days, MiSyte’s goals were simple – building and designing high-quality websites for small businesses. As the technology has changed, though, the rules have, too. Now, customers want more engagement from businesses and MiSyte has continued to grow under Jamie’s direction. Jamie has built relationships with some of the most powerful marketing platforms available in the world, like Infusionsoft, Memberium, and Digital Marketer, and the MiSyte team has the ability to implement a host of critical tools for our clients.


Today, a MiSyte client might need a year-long engagement campaign built for a membership website and, at the same time, need C-level coaching and strategy to get the most out of the growth their company is experiencing.


Yep, we do that.

Chris Groote

Chris Groote has been a part of the MiSyte team for over five years and got started in copywriting by simply doing the things that clients didn’t know how to do.


And write stuff that people wanted to read.

And write emails that people wanted to open.

And suggest to those readers that the left side of their nose itched and they should scratch it.

When they scratched their noses, they also opened their wallets, and that made Chris’ client happy and then, Chris was able to make money, too.

The result of this happy coincidence was that Chris replaced his former career in management with content writing. He successfully ghostwrote several bestsellers in business and now brings his skills to work with MiSyte. More importantly, his own successful track record and his partnerships with widely acclaimed companies like Digital Marketer and Infusionsoft means that Chris understands how to craft the message and how it can be delivered.

Today, though, Chris also spends more and more time coaching and teaching others the secrets of good copy – why people want to open the email, what picture needs to be painted in their mind as to the importance of a purchase, and how to turn a small customer into a larger one.

Muhammad Junaid
Solution Development Specialist

Junaid is a native of Pakistan. He is the second graduate degree holder on the team. Jamie and Junaid met via an online job board when Junaid was in his first year of grad school. That was over two years ago and he has since joined MiSyte as a permanent team member.

Junaid is a star WordPress theme / PHP developer. He often looks into Infusionsoft issues that need the use of his creative skills to build customer solutions pushing Infusionsoft past what it can do right out of the box.



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