Our Programs

Automation Academy

“Just give me the tools and the tutorials and I’ll be good”

With Automation Academy, you’ll get the full suite of software EVERY business needs to have, with the automations already built in.  PLUS you and your team will get full access to online courses that show you how to plan, design, and implement your company’s Ideal Client Customer Journey so you make it happen.  Each class comes with an online Q&A option.

Perfect for the Budget-Strapped Business, the Do-It-Yourselfer, or the I-Don’t-Need-Any-Bells-Or-Whistles entrepreneur. If all you want are the system and the instructions, this is for you (or your team).

The Automation Jumpstart

“I want a community and live feedback”

The KISS Frustration to Freedom Automation Jumpstart will give you an All Access Pass to the same tools we use in The Academy, plus weekly live group “Lab Sessions” to share your wins and get help on your projects from other Automation Jumpstart members and KISS gurus and coaches.

Perfect for entrepreneurs who want a roadmap and instructions on how to plan, design, and implement your Ideal Client Customer Journey, live and personal feedback for you specifically, and a killer community to keep you rolling.

Next Comma Coaching

“I want to work with someone 1-on-1”

Sometimes you just want to work with someone 1-on-1. That’s what the KISS Next Comma Coaching Program is for.  Not only will you have access to all the tools, training, and software from The Academy and The Automation Jumpstart, you’ll also work privately with your own dedicated coach 1-on-1.

Next Comma Coaching is for entrepreneurs who don’t really want to figure it out themselves, and want someone to help them plan, design, and implement their Ideal Client Customer Journey AND move to the “next comma” in their business sales and profits.

Bespoke Projects and Speaking Engagements

Let’s face it, sometimes you need truly custom work.  That might be specialized copywriting or even a full manuscript ghostwritten by Chris Groote, or a keynote delivered from Jamie Gilleland.  If you can dream it, we can do it, so now is the ideal time to schedule a call with us.

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