Five Ways You’ve GOT To Use Automation for Client Prospecting

Let me be blunt:  life is digital now, and automation in ANY business is no longer a luxury reserved for large corporations. Small businesses can also leverage automation tools to streamline operations and optimize client prospecting. Whether you’re meeting potential clients in person or trying to attract them online, automation can enhance the process and result in better outcomes. Here are six ways small businesses can use automation for client prospecting:

Email Marketing Automation is the slam dunk that’s changed my businesses (and my business models), and if you’re only going to prospect online?  Email automation tools will help you to send targeted and personalized messages to potential clients based on their behavior and interests. For instance, if a visitor checked out your service page but didn’t sign up, an automated email sequence can nurture this lead with testimonials, special offers, or educational content. THE platform to be able to do this is Keap, and I run special pricing all the time at

What about in person prospecting?  Guess what?  Automation STILL works! Collect email addresses during face-to-face interactions and then plug them or scan them right into your Keap app.  This way, prospects you meet at trade shows or networking events can receive follow-up emails tailored to your conversation.

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants are sweet tools that work with and for you both online and in person.  Get a chatbot to handle your website or social media channels. They can answer common questions, schedule appointments, or guide visitors to relevant parts of your website 24/7, but you can also program a chatbot for “in person” work in kiosks, or even tablets at your physical location.

CRM Integration is really only the logical outgrowth of how I referenced Keap earlier, in email marketing automation.  Keap is, at its core, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that integrates with your website, but also handles your outbound and inbound marketing. This way, every interaction a potential client has with your online presence can be tracked. This data assists in segmenting and targeting prospects more effectively.  It’s the same in person! After networking events, input contact details and notes into your CRM. Automated workflows can then segment these leads and trigger personalized follow-up sequences.

Social Media Automation is going to let you schedule and publish posts, track mentions, and engage with prospects using social media management tools. These tools can help you remain active and visible to your potential clients without having to manually post content every day.  The good news?  You can also do this in-person.  Promote your offline events or promotions on social media using automated scheduling tools. This allows you to focus on the event while ensuring your online presence stays updated.

What about Automated Analytics and Reporting? You guessed it, yes, online, you’ve got tools like Google Analytics to automatically track website visitors, page views, and conversion rates. With these insights, you can refine your online strategies to better attract and engage prospects, while in-person, there are several great tools that can track in-store or in-office visits and correlate them with online marketing efforts. This will help in understanding the effectiveness of offline initiatives in driving online interest.

Automated Ad Campaigns:

As competition intensifies in the business world, efficiency and timely responses have become critical. For small businesses looking to scale and prosper, automation provides a robust and cost-effective solution for prospecting new clients. By integrating both online and in-person strategies, small businesses can ensure a comprehensive approach to client acquisition and nurture. If you’re overwhelmed trying to sort all of this out, then let’s talk about it.  Click here to schedule a call and let’s see how you can make ALL your prospecting strategies easier.

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