You’re Just Not You When You’re Sick…

A lot of you guys know that last week, Chris and I were absolutely knocked out with a nagging cough and fever that made it difficult to do anything.

Couldn’t talk without coughing.

Headaches from the fever.

Of course, it was that dry, hacking cough that doesn’t seem to do anything.

Finally, late last week, we were both on the mend, but boy, it was a rough ride.

I had to cancel a score of meetings, multiple podcasts, even a speaking gig at a virtual event, but what made me so mad wasn’t the fact I got sick, it was that I’d let people down.

…And isn’t that what unites us as business owners?

This sense of responsibility?

This sense that the whole thing is on our shoulders?

I’ve preached about systems, and processes, and automating your business for years – and trust me, it worked last week, but my inability to be “present” in my business really disappointed me.

So, for all of you I missed or rescheduled from last week?

Thank you for understanding, because it was a tough week, but I’m glad to be on the mend and back in the office.

If you DID try to schedule a call or we simply never got sorted, then click here to schedule it and let’s make sure YOU stay on track!

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