When You’re Open, Things Happen…

As I’ve shared, over the last two weeks, we’ve done a LOT of traveling, seen some beautiful country, and gotten some clarity on where we’d like to reimagine our lives.  Along the way, though, something funny happened…

For many years, now, when Chris would come back from a long trip, he’d rush into the house – no matter what time it was – sit down at his desk, and begin writing.  Sometimes it was a chapter or two from a book he was working on, sometimes it was an outline, sometimes it was revisions to a current manuscript.

Personally, I’d always thought he was kind of crazy, or that he’d had too much coffee and too many miles.

Either way?  He’d be filled with inspiration, and even better?  It was good stuff.

Over the years, though, when he and I were on long drives, those flashes of brilliance never seemed to hit when I was in the car – or if they did, it was something we’d been actively discussing, so it seemed more like an outgrowth of the conversation, not some sort of “Road to Damascus” moment of creativity.

Well, it happened.  Somewhere in Oklahoma and Arkansas, Chris had an idea, and while I’m not ready to share it yet – frankly, it’s too big to get my arms around right now – I wanted to share the idea of intuition with you.

What happens when your subconscious mind bubbles up with an idea, and instead of being stifled or neglected, or put to the side, you actually run with it?

In this case, Chris had been quiet for an hour or more – I was reading my Kindle and he was cruising along, listening to Pandora.  He asked me a couple “odd” questions – about Keap, and Keap partners, and he’d be quiet for a few more miles.

Then?  Out of nowhere, he pops off with one of the most audacious – and doable – ideas I’ve ever heard.

Now, that idea wasn’t fully hatched or formed, but the core of it was there, and as he explained it, adding details and asking questions as he went, I could see it in my mind.

See the full breadth of it.

See the execution of it.

See the challenges and how they might be overcome.

More importantly?

I could see the impact it would have on thousands – if not millions – of people worldwide.

Now, I’m not to the point I want to share this particular idea, because there’s a LOT to it, but the point of this post today is far simpler:  how many of us have had a flash of insight, or a “great idea” that we’ll never revisit or explore because we’re too busy being busy?

Because we’re caught up in the rat race?

Because we never created systems to help us run our businesses and allow us to – frankly – simply dream a bit and consider “what’s missing in this picture?”

This week, I want you to think about those sorts of ideas and insights, and how you might have left world-changing ideas in the office because you were too “busy” to really consider them.

I’d also like you to think about joining me in a conversation about how you could make these BIG ideas a reality.

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