It’s Only Cool If You Use It

Everybody knows I like to keep my hand in the game of automation and technology, even though there are some standards I depend on, like Keap.  Nonetheless, last Friday, I found myself down the rabbit hole of automation, digging into one of the latest “must-have” tools on the market.

It was a disaster.  

No.  Check that – it was a well-thought out platform, but one that tried to be all things to all people, and in design, all those “good ideas” are wonderful, but in actual practice?  Not so much.

My point is this:  I don’t want to throw an automation tool under the bus, because the one I’m talking about really could work for the right small business owner.  The problem – at least the way I saw it – was this particular tool really didn’t know who it was built for, and by trying to please everybody, its designers really couldn’t please anybody.

Let me give you a real-life example…

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last twenty years, you understand the importance of email marketing and deliverability.  Today, more importantly, is the ability of a CRM platform to understand the action the reader is taking and help move those readers towards a goal.  The best of those allow you, as a user, to see how and where “your” people are, and to extrapolate where additional sales opportunities lie.

…And here lies the challenge.

All this “tech” is only worth having if you’ll use it.

If you drive the speed limit, do you really need a race car?

If you don’t drink, do you need a wine chiller?

If you don’t work from home, do you need a home office?

I speak to a LOT of people who aren’t utilizing the technology tools they have at their disposal, and it’s not a stretch to say that even most of my Keap clients are only using about 25% of the actual functionality of the platform.

I want to change that, and I really don’t care what platform you’re using.

Imagine with me what would happen if right now, using only 20-20% of your tech stack, you were generating $100K, and with the right strategy and coaching, you upped that percentage to, say, 50%.

How much would that impact your sales?

Your profits?

Your ability to scale the company?

Your ability to change the life of your Ideal Client?

Now, imagine what would happen if you bumped that to 75%, and had created an internal task management protocol – using your CRM – to make sure your quality of life was being kept sacrosanct … and the money was still rolling in?

Like the title says, “It’s only cool if you use it.”  Let’s talk about how you can really get the most from the technology you’re expecting to drive your business forward.

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